5 Best Things to Do In Bali with Loved Ones

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Kuta Beach
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Whatever you want to do, you might find it in Wandernesia. So, order your holiday ticket to explore Bali now! You must visit Bali at least once in a lifetime. This holiday experience you will never forget because Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Enjoy the Thrill of Surfing in Kuta

A vacation to Bali is incomplete if you don’t feel the thrill of surfing. Just looking for sea air or playing with soft waves you can do on Kuta Beach. This beach has waves that roll and are free of sharp coral reefs, so it’s safe to surf. You can rent a board and register for surfing at the Odyssey Surf School. Satisfying playing with the waves, enjoy the sun setting on the sand with a cold beer. 

Admire the Beauty of Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple is a beautiful sacred building dedicated to the goddess of the lake. This temple is located on the shores of Lake Baratan which is famous as one of the quietest places on the island. When visiting Ulun Danu Temple, be sure to check every different place. You will find a history of strong Hindu beliefs and a touch of architecture with intricately carved gate ornaments.

Adventure in the Wild with the Bali Treetop Adventure Park

The majority of tourists spend the afternoon sunbathing on the beach or waiting for the sunset. If you want unique entertainment, you can challenge your courage to visit Bali Treetop Adventure Park. This tourist object is suitable for family, group and couples holidays. You will be presented with various adrenaline rides surrounded by dense forests. There are a series of different circuits ranging from nets, swings, flying fox which is located high above the tree.

Eat a Delicious Lunch at Bebek Bengil in Ubud

Bebek Bengil means ‘Dirty Duck’ in Indonesian. Bebek Bengil here is the name of the most popular restaurant in Ubud. This restaurant has an interior with a natural theme. You can enjoy time to relax and order a recommended food menu called “Bebek Betutu”. Ducks are boiled in broth with local spices and aromatic herbs. Then fry until the skin blisters which gives a crisp texture.  

Beautiful Diving In Padang Bai

Besides surfing, you also have to try other water sports, one of which is diving. Our recommended place is Padang Bai, located east of Bali. There are seven of the best dive sites you can reach easily by boat. A rare opportunity to see turtles, sharks and coral gardens with muck diving. You can also meet other sea creatures such as pygmy seahorses and blue ring octopuses. The Island of the Gods makes you even more extraordinary by having the 5 Best Things to Do in Bali.

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